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If you have sail boat over 70 feet / 21 meters and would like to participate in Shipyard Cup XII, please contact us!



6 generations, 5 divisions, 200 years

Four years before Maine was established as a state, Caleb Hodgdon began building boats for the local fishing fleet. Little did he know, two centuries later, his family would still be doing business in the same locations.


To celebrate 200 years of Hodgdon, we're presenting the first ever Hodgdon Boat Owner's Rendezvous! If you have a Hodgdon built boat, join us on Maine's coast August 26-28, 2016 for a laid back event. Oh, and of course there will be lobsters! 


UPDATE: Due to an insufficient number of vessels demonstrating interest in participating in the 2016 Shipyard Cup we very reluctantly have decided to cancel the the event for this year.

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